Writing Instruction Schedule

To book a one-hour meeting, please email me: rlazaren@yorku.ca with a subject something like – “Meeting for writing.” Our sessions will be via zoom. 


Mondays: 4pm-6pm – available for meetings.
Thursdays: 1pm- 4pm – available for meetings. 
Flex time: 3 hours during the week to be determined based on requests and our schedules.

Helpful information: 

- Something to keep in mind is that I cannot grade your assignments as I am not the TA/CD/professor for your course. I am also not able to write the assignment for you... but I can help you!

- Please ensure to provide at least 24 hours' notice to book a meeting as time slots may already be filled or I may not be immediately available if using the flex time. 

- If you are looking for feedback, please keep in mind that I will need your assignment at least 24 hours before our meeting. Otherwise, I will not be able to read it before our meeting.

- Try to also keep the assignment deadline in mind when looking to book meetings. For example, a meeting the day an assignment is due might cause you a lot of stress! 

- You can book a meeting with me at any stage of your writing process: creating a plan, an outline, a first draft, 2nd+ draft, a completed version… etc. 

- You can come to see me more than once regarding the same assignment.

Kawâpamtin! 🙂