About Us


Our Services and Programs:

The Centre for Indigenous Student Services strives to deliver services and programs that are cognizant of the diverse experiences and upbringings of the Indigenous student population. When creating programs and services, we draw upon both the traditional teachings of the Indigenous nations represented within the diverse on-campus Indigenous population and the values of York University. We recognize that above all else, each Indigenous student is a person with a wide range of strengths, limitations, interests and experiences and, thus, the programs and services we deliver are an expression of this truth.

While our programs and services are created, developed and promoted for the benefit of Indigenous students, we welcome any interested York-affiliate to participate in our programs and services.


The Centre for Indigenous Student utilizes the Medicine Wheel to assist in the creation and development of programs and services that meet the needs of CISS members. The Medicine Wheel is a multipurpose teaching tool that can be found within many Aboriginal nations. It is important to note that there is considerable variance in teachings across nations. Nevertheless, a common cross-cultural feature of the Medicine Wheel is the special consideration for the balance of a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Our programs and services are developed with the intent to address one or more of these aspects of personal wellbeing.


-  Our staff liaises, advocate and provide referrals on behalf of CISS members.


-  The Centre facilitates greater access to general and Indigenous-specific mental health providers both on-and off-campus.


-  Our Elders On-Campus Program provides CISS members with individual counseling sessions with Elders who are knowledgeable on the spiritual customs of their respective nations.

-  The Elders offer Traditional Teachings Workshops to encourage the knowledge of sacred medicines, items and practices.

- CISS holds cultural workshops throughout the year such as Moccasin making, ribbon skirt making, beading and more.

-  CISS members have access to our Sacred Medicine Library.


-  CISS members have access to a kitchenette that is equipped with a full-sized refrigerator, toaster oven, microwave, a kitchen sink and storage space.