CISS - Indigenous Resource Videos & CASS Membership

CISS Academic Innovation Fund (AIF) Community video project is thankful for the support received to create and share these videos. This video project allowed us to develop a series of online informational/instructional modules about the Indigenous community on campus, with Indigenous teachings, and protocols for working with Indigenous communities and the variety of services available at York to support Indigenous students’ personal well-being and academic success. Please enjoy the playlist or watch the videos independently!

Click here for CISS AIF Community Video Project Playlist: 

CISS Membership

It's important to fill out a membership form for the Centre for Indigenous Student Services (CISS) as it gives you access to the services CISS offers such as the Elders program, writing instruction, access to computers and printing services, cultural programming and you will be added to the CISS Student listserv.

Becoming a member will also give you passcard access to CISS using your YU card. CISS access hours are from (closed until further notice) 8:30am-9:00pm Monday to Thursday and 8:30am-4:30pm on Friday. Becoming a member also provides you with access to Skennen’kó:wa Gamig through your YU card.

(Closed until further notice) Skennen’kó:wa Gamig  access hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm. Indigenous Students, Staff and Faculty can book this space for events and meetings. We ask that you respect when the space is booked and do not access this space during those time. you can view the Skennen’kó:wa Gamig calendar for availability Skennen’kó:wa Gamig Calendar

To have access to these spaces you need to fill out the following 3 forms online: 

  1. CISS Membership form
  2. Access card form for the Centre for Indigenous Student Services (CISS)
  3. Access card form for Skennen’kó:wa Gamig 

PLEASE NOTE: It could take up to a week (or two weeks) before your access card is active. If after a week your YU card still isn't giving you access to CISS or Skennen’kó:wa Gamig please contact Nancy at

Links to forms:

  1. Link for CISS Membership Form: Membership Form
  2. Link for CISS office access form: CASS Card Access Application Form
  3. Link for Skennen’kó:wa Gamig access: Skennen’kó:wa Gamig Card Access


Smudging is a traditional Indigenous ceremony that involves the burning of one or more medicines. The four sacred medicines used in ceremonies are tobacco, cedar, sage and sweetgrass. These medicines are burned in small quantities and participants will fan the smoke, using their hands, over their head and body. The university has provided a Statement on Smudging During University Events. When smudging on campus please fill out and post the Notice of Smudging in a visible place around the area.