Policy on Tipi Use/Protocol


The tipi at York University is accessible only to all approved users – individuals, groups, clubs, organizations, or departments – for traditional and/or educational purposes. Approved users must respect the tipi and the land around it and must adhere to the following Terms and Conditions. Failure to do so may result in temporary or permanent ineligibility for future use and/or applicable sanctions as detailed in the Liabilities section below.

The tipi is the property of the Centre for Aboriginal Student Services (CASS), which reserves the right to approve or deny any request. CASS also reserves the right to cancel any activity if it is deemed as not reflecting the above-mentioned purposes or if it is deemed as posing an imminent threat or harm to the participants and/or the broader York University community.

Terms and Conditions:

    A. Eligibility

All requests will only be approved once the following information is provided:

  • Current and valid contact information
  • A description of the purpose of requested use
  • Request to build a fire – request must be submitted prior two weeks before event.

Please refer to the Tipi Booking Request Form for a complete list of information needed or speak to Randy Pitawanakwat for further inquiries.

    B. Submitting a Tipi Booking Request Form

Interested persons must complete a Tipi Booking Request Form prior to conducting any activity inside the tipi or at its immediate surroundings. All forms must be submitted to CASS reception at least two weeks prior to the planned date and time of use for proper assessment and to ensure availability. CASS reception email: nancyj9@yorku.ca

    C. Wait List

Interested persons or approved users may be placed on a waiting list depending on the tipi’s availability. CASS abides by the “first come, first serve” policy when determining the next approved user. CASS staff will notify via telephone and/or e-mail all persons placed on the list of the earliest availability once this has been determined. It is the responsibility of those on the list to check their phone and/or e-mail messages for such updates.

    D. Users’ Conduct and Responsibilities/Tipi Protocol

All persons must demonstrate the following conduct at all times while inside the tipi or its immediate surroundings:

  • Avoid engaging in inappropriate, offensive, or destructive forms of behavior and activities.
  • Not consume alcohol or recreational drugs.
  • Refrain from littering.
  • All users must ensure that they leave the tipi and the tipi grounds in the same condition prior to their use.
  • All users are responsible for borrowing CASS tipi blankets and fire extinguisher and ensuring they are returned to the CASS office. The fire extinguisher must be in the tipi if a fire is built. This is in regulation of Fire Safety Codes.
  • All users must immediately inform CASS staff of any damages on or security concerns in or around the tipi.


Users who have been identified as having violated the Tipi Protocol or caused any damages or security concerns will be held accountable. Such users may be issued a verbal and/ or written warning and may be banned from further access to and use of the tipi depending on the nature and extent of the violation, damages, and/ or security concerns. Financial, legal, and/ or other applicable penalties may also be applied.